About Our International Investment Firm.

Fahad Alrajhi is a holding group that invests in companies from around the globe. We connect startups and growing companies with funding sources and we also partner with companies to help them with local support to expand to the MENA region via joint ventures or licensing agreements.

Our investment holding company focuses on startups that will improve the quality of life for those they serve and the economic strength and business diversity of their region. We also evaluate companies partly on the philanthropic causes they support. 

Operating from offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we’re among the top international investment firms in the Middle East.

World-Class Business Services

Our international holding group has the business experience and expertise to help your company grow. Under specific investment structures, we can help manage the policies of your company. We do this to increase the value of our investment while helping you be successful.

Your success is our success—and a win for the customers you serve and the region where your company is located.

Our team has experience in investing and managing companies in aviation, real estate, construction, education, entertainment, digital design and marketing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, retail fashion, and more, along with world-class education and training in business principles and practices.

You can use funds from Fahad Alrajhi Group to provide products and services, expand their operations, and even to acquire related businesses. In addition to acquiring funds, you are joining a team that can help you achieve your highest business aspirations.

I have witnessed Fahad's remarkable contributions in multiple capacities: as a board member, co-investor, and shareholder. His prudent thinking has always added significant value especially in areas of strategic positioning and execution.

Aqeel AlrajhiCEO of WealthWell

About Mr. Fahad Alrajhi

Before becoming the President and Chairman of our global investment company, Fahad Al Rajhi gained experience as a board member, chairman, stock portfolio manager, and business owner. As an entrepreneur himself, he understands your needs as a leader. He earned an international education from Cambridge International College and Griffith University, based in the UK and Australia.

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