In recent years, the concept of corporate social responsibility has gained traction among business leaders and in the public eye. Decision-makers are increasingly interested in the ethos of companies they buy from and partner with, examining brands on an array of issues from environmental sustainability to fair labor practices.

At first glance, this scrutiny may seem like a hurdle to be jumped. However, it actually presents a unique opportunity for businesses, especially those that are scaling or still in their startup stage. Room for growth means room to build conscientiousness into your processes from the ground up, giving your brand an edge over competitors that are already set in their ways.

If your company wants to establish itself as an industry leader, corporate social responsibility is one valuable path to distinguish yourself and build value directly into your brand image.

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

The core idea driving corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is that a company should be concerned about more than just its bottom line. Consumers want to give their business to companies that feel like a part of their local or global community and are using their influence to affect positive change.

CSR can manifest itself in many ways, and most brands would benefit from tackling social responsibility on several fronts. These considerations and initiatives can include:

  • Green Initiatives — reducing carbon footprints, supporting environmental causes, etc.
  • Equitable Labor Policies — competitive wages, responsible outsourcing, safe work conditions, etc.
  • Fairtrade — equitable trade for growers and suppliers in developing countries
  • Diversity and Inclusion — employing and advertising people of all genders, races, cultures, sexual orientations, abilities, etc. 
  • Charitable Giving — raising money and awareness for charitable causes, locally and/or globally
  • Volunteering — programs encouraging and incentivizing volunteerism among employees 
  • Responsible Partnerships and Investments — thoroughly vetting partners and investees to ensure their practices aren’t counter to your company’s CSR standards

The realm of corporate social responsibility is vast and already being recognized as a powerful differentiator. Yet, some businesses are still struggling to understand how and why it makes such an impact. Apart from providing good material for your PR campaigns, why is it so important to run a socially conscious business in the modern market?

Establishes Credibility

Whether you’re trying to woo consumers or prove your worth to a potential business partner, being able to bill your company as “socially responsible” helps establish credibility with all parties. At its heart, corporate social responsibility is tied closely to the idea of transparency, which is one of the best ways to build trust in your brand. When clients and partners believe in the integrity of your company, they are not only more likely to choose you the first time but to keep coming back again and again, fostering brand loyalty and repeat business.

So how can you ensure that your brand establishes a level of transparency that consumers will value? While each individual client or agency will have their own priorities, you can anticipate that certain questions will top the list with socially-conscious consumers.

  • What are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?
  • How and where do you outsource labor?
  • How are you supporting diversity through your brand?
  • Do you support any charities?
  • Are your materials and business practices environmentally sustainable?

By keeping these questions in mind, you can curate processes and standards that reflect the values you wish to share with your audience, allowing your company to embrace transparency and present an honest face to potential partners.

Improves Your Industry (and the World)

As individuals, it can sometimes seem daunting to make a difference in regard to social issues. We might ask ourselves, “What can one person do?”

Corporate social responsibility eschews this way of thinking and creates a real difference. By emphasizing CSR in your company’s practices, you also help enact broader positive change by setting a standard for your market as a whole. This inspires other partners and industry movers to follow suit, creating a wave of improvement that benefits society as a whole.

For a current example, simply consider the growing availability of electric vehicles. A product line that seemed groundbreaking and futuristic a few decades ago is now common to almost every major automobile manufacturer, and as they continue to gain market share, these vehicles will help support the environmental goals of nations across the globe.

Through CSR, your company can lead the way for similar improvements in your field, drive the success of social initiatives, and help build a brighter future for everyone.

Attracts Conscientious Investors

As a startup or growing business, there is another consideration that must not be overlooked for your long-term success — the importance of attracting high-quality investors. Naturally, investors are keenly interested in the profitability and growth potential of your company and will begin by evaluating factors such as your business plan and market size. However, many investors also look further, taking into account less quantifiable aspects like the passion of your leadership or the depth of your CSR initiatives.

For one thing, taking steps toward corporate social responsibility is viewed as a measure of accountability, reassuring investors that your company is a lower risk for their money. As such, they’re more willing to take a chance by backing your endeavors.

Furthermore, some investors place a high value on philanthropic causes and are more eager to work with brands that share their principles. Demonstrating a commitment to CSR can be a way to show such investors that by funding your company, they are also putting their capital toward a better world.

Partnering with the Fahad Alrajhi Group

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