Are You a Startup
Seeking Investment?

Starting a business has become increasingly complex and capital-intensive in recent years. Without proper funding, it is quite difficult for startups to survive. Yet entrepreneurs often face obstacles in acquiring the funds needed to successfully take their ideas from dream to reality and compete with existing businesses. Fahad Alrajhi Group exists to help startups looking for investment to find the funding they need. If you are starting a company with an outstanding idea behind it or are growing a successful company, we may be able to connect you to sources of venture capital funds or angel investors.

What Kind of Startup Companies Are We Looking For?

As an investor in startup companies, Fahad Alrajhi Group already has a portfolio of investments, which epitomize what we value in companies. When determining if startups needing investment are a good fit, we look for qualities that include:

  • Social Impact: We appreciate it when a company is going to raise the quality of life for the customers served.
  • Philanthropy: Not every company qualifies, but some of our investments help us put our funds toward philanthropic concerns.
  • Economic Diversification: Does your company bring a new industry to your region, improving the economy there?
  • Growth: We are more prepared to invest when you show a form of growth, whether it is a volume of deals, increasing amounts of users, revenue growth, or another form.
  • Market Opportunity: You should be in a large, growing market with a high potential for success.
  • Team: Your management team should show the experience and skill to lead your company through good times and bad.

If you are seeking investment for a startup and qualify in several of these areas—along with others—we may be able to secure funds for your company to help you start, grow, or restructure.

Think You’re a Fit? Pitch Us Your Idea

What is the compelling idea that will make your business our next success story? We are interested in hearing a well-structured pitch after we set up an appointment. Contact Fahad Alrajhi Group today to introduce yourself and your company to our startup business investors.


    What our Partners are saying

    Aqeel AlrajhiCEO of WealthWell

    I have witnessed Fahad's remarkable contributions in multiple capacities: as a board member, co-investor, and shareholder. His prudent thinking has always added significant value especially in areas of strategic positioning and execution.